About Cagle Steaks & BBQ

Our History

Cagle Steaks & BBQ opened in 1996. We remain family owned. John is a New Mexican (born in Clovis, NM). Both Lisa and I grew up in West Texas with Ag and Ranching backgrounds. I am a Texas Tech Alum, Lisa is a Physical Therapist by way of San Angelo State and Southwestern Medical in Dallas. Tatum and Jake complete our household. They have been raised around this business.

Gene Hunter remains the General Manager and an important part of Cagle’s. Not much happens outside Gene’s watch – we consider Gene a part of our family. Meet him while you are here.

We do most things the 'Old Way' around here.

We use mesquite wood for all our BBQ, steak, and grilled entrees. (today’s fire is built on last night’s coals). Rib-eyes are the steaks of choice, but the filet is great too. We buy the best beef, age it (never frozen), then cook on unbelievably hot mesquite grills using our “Good Character” seasoning. Steaks, Wild Salmon, Grilled Chicken, BBQ, Catfish – or just beans & cornbread, I hope you enjoy!

You Are Always Welcome

Much of the fun and pleasure this place brings comes from the people who visit – either as customers or staff. Friends have hosted a wide variety of folks here, and I might add, a few very peculiar personalities as well : (If you’re here tonite, welcome back, please behave).

My family is proud of Lubbock and West Texas. This is not the easiest part of the country to live, but the people are the best!

Thanks for coming, I hope you enjoyed your visit, that your travels are safe, and the West Texas sunset is a beautiful finish to your day.

– John Cagle